Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Scrap Cards

I have a rule, if I use only part of the piece of paper on a project, I have to use it all....Scrap drawer was getting full.  These are cards made from the scraps left over from my projects.  Have alot more scraps that need to be turned into cards yet!

Tic Tac Holders

Another small thing for Girl's Day.

Hershey Bars

These are the Hershey Bar covers I made, I've been playing with covering things as you will see as you go down further in my blog.  These are all small gifts for the Girl's Day I'm having in September.

Post It Note Holders

Walmart has school supplies on sale, so I thought
I would pick up some Post-It notes and make a
cover for them. 

M&M Holders

Found these and thought they would be fun to
make for my Girls Day in September.  There
is a full size bag of M&M's in the holder.